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Bucket Accessories: For Linemen & Tree Workers

PCC's bucket accessories include products used by linemen and tree workers.


Bucket Covers are offered in both fiberglass and vinyl. Fiberglass covers are mounted using riveted straps with buckles that fit under the bucket. Our black vinyl bucket covers (1) have a pocket across the middle that accommodates a 1" x 4" wood slat which sits on both sides of the bucket to provide a crest to allow rain water drain off, (2) are made from high quality and long-lasting fabric and (3) have a bungee cord for hooking the cover to the basket or boom.

Saw Scabbards are available for either outside or inside use in both fiberglass or polyethylene plastic. We offer inserts for the scabbards of hard plastic (UHMW polyethylene) to lengthen the service life of the scabbards. Replacement scabbards and back plates are also offered separately.

Reduce Back Strain - PCC's patented "Hanging Thigh Brace/Tool Tray" is ergonomically designed to virtually eliminate bucket worker back strain. It hangs inside a bucket, provides a brace for the worker’s legs and doubles as a tool tray. There areseveral options for the space above the leg rest.


Tool Boards consist of leather tool and supply holders mounted on a hanging board.

Tool Trays - We offer four sizes for either inside or outside use and for differing lip size for the buckets.

Boom-mounted pole saw holder provides secure storage for a pole saw when working in trees. Abrasion-resistant insert lines the scabbard. Insert is easily maintained with quick-change replacement insert. Handle holder grabs tightly, but has enough room for a gloved hand to get behind the handle for easy release.