Bucket Liners

Polyethylene Bucket Liners for Fiberglass Buckets

PCC offers a variety of "Long Life Liners" to fit many OEM buckets including Hi-Ranger, Terex, Mobile Aerial Towers, LiftAll, and Altec as well as PCC manufactured replacement buckets.



Polyethylene plastic liners insert into Aerial Lift buckets providing greater electrical insulation for the worker and improved bucket protection. If you cannot find your liner listed below, download PCC's bucket liner worksheet.

New electrical insulating bucket insert liners must be tested and certified at 50, 70 or 100 kV AC in accordance with ANSI standard A92.2.

ANSI standard A92.2 calls for liners to be periodically (normally, annually) retested.

All liners are NOT equal. PCC's "Long Life Liners" last longer and weigh less. Why? PCC uses a superior plastic grade not found in any competitors' liner.