Chain Saw Holders

Bucket Accessories: CHAIN SAW HOLDERS

With lining and good structural strength, PCC's Saw Holders are virtually indestructible. Best prices anywhere! Customer satisfaction guaranteed.


Bucket-Mounted Chain Saw Holders
PCC offers the option of lining the holder with the most abrasion-resistant plastic available. For inside-mount holders, choose between a thicker fiberglass or flexible plastic structure (backboard and scabbard). Either one provides good structural performance at the top corners where saw holders tend to break.

Boom-Mounted Pole Saw Holders
PCC is the only company that makes boom-mount handle holders for gasoline-powered pole saws.

In contrast with our competitors' products, our blade holders are lined with abrasion-resistant plastic, are mounted with two heavy-duty ratchet assemblies, use non-moisture-absorbing foam against the boom, and fit either flat-side or round